Written by Laura Zabbo on Jun 02, 2017

Honestly, 9 out of 10 brides choose to wear a veil. 5 out of 10 brides come in wanting a veil, but once they try one on and they see how it completes the look (most brides get weird-ed out for a minute because it makes it so real!), they decide to go for it. And there are still some brides that truly don't want one and they stick with that! It doesn't matter either way -it's the bride's preference (unless the bride is choosing to follow a religious tradition). We have our tissue box ready for the bride's family -almost every time the bride puts the veil on for the first time, the family looses it! Something about the veil (maybe it's tradition or a cultural thing, or just that it's the most well-known indicator of a bride other than a white dress) that stirs up emotion! For many brides, it's the moment they realize, WOW, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! EEEK!