Written by Laura Zabbo on Jun 02, 2017

I don't get this question really, but it's something I see a lot of brides struggle with. SCENARIO: Bride is in the first ever bridal store with her most trusted family members. She finds a gown that is PERFECT! It fits beautifully, is perfect for her venue, her family loves it, and it brings the bride and her guests to tears! BUT WAIT...This is only the FIRST STORE?! What if there is something else even more amazing out there!? How could I possibly find the ONE on my first try?? How do I know for sure?? These questions are normal and totally understandable! And for some brides, they truly might need to explore options to know for sure. (In an outlet, the bride runs the risk of the dress being sold before she comes back for it, but it is more than understandable for a bride to need to "sleep on it" before making such a big decision. Some brides, though, have the kind of personality that allows them to make a decision on the spot because they KNOW it's the one! I'd say its around a 50/50 split. Whichever bride you are, the key is: ONCE YOU CHOOSE, STOP LOOKING!! This will do nothing but cause you anxiety and drive you insane. If you fell in love with the dress and loved yourself in it, TRUST YOURSELF, and you'll be PERFECT!