Written by Laura Zabbo on Jun 02, 2017

My brides who have already said YES with me as their consultant already know this answer. The most important question to ask yourself before choosing the ONE? "Does this dress make me feel like ME?" This is soooo important! You don't want to look back at your photos in the coming days/months/years and think "Um, who is that girl??" Now if we are being honest with ourselves, your "bridal self" is not your "everyday self", so it's OK to be fancier than you normally are -it's just another version of YOU! BUT...if a big princess ball gown is REALLY not your thing (but your Mom, Grandma, the cars driving by on Cranston Street LOVE LOVE LOVE it), try your best to go with YOUR own gut feeling. Most of the time, your guests will see the dress that is most "YOU" and it instantly changes their minds (if they weren't totally on board in the first place). Nothing is more exciting than seeing the bride light up because she feels like her most beautiful self in her most favorite wedding gown!