Written by Laura Zabbo on Jun 02, 2017

We are lucky enough at Spark Bridal Outlet to have the BEST of the best. We have 3 seamstresses, 2 that we work with directly and one that we refer out to, and they are AMAZING. I'm GUSHING! Anyway, number one thing to remember for your first fitting? SHOES SHOES SHOES. Did I say SHOES? If you don't bring your shoes, then the seamstress will be unable to hem your gown, and this can hold up the process. In addition to the hem, the seamstress will address other "fit issues" you may have with your gown such as taking it in at the seam, adding some extra support/cups in the bust area, and asking you to choose which bustle you prefer (there are a few to choose from). A good seamstress will always look over the gown with a fine tooth comb, checking that all of the beading is intact and secure, and that the dress is steamed and ready for the lovely bride before she picks it up. Brides will have about 3 fittings to complete the process.