Written by Laura Zabbo on May 25, 2017

Many brides, upon engagement, ask the question: "Now WHEN should I buy my dress!?" I've heard many different answers to this question, but it really is more about preference. There IS a "cut off" date though, for most stores that is. In a conventional bridal store, where a bride will try on a sample and then order her wedding dress in her size from the designer's factory, she'll need at least 6 months.The reason is, the store will need to order the gown, which can take 2-3 months to come in. Then, the bride will need 2-3 months to alter the gown, having around 3 fittings with her seamstress. In a store such as Spark Bridal Outlet, the time needed to order the gown is eliminated because it is an "off-the-rack" store. So brides only need time for alterations. In extreme cases, brides have purchased gowns and gotten married in a week! (I advise against this, due to the added stress levels on both parties, but HEY! We've done it before, we'll do it AGAIN!). On average, even in my "off-the-rack" bridal store, brides purchased their gowns about 9-12 months before the wedding.